"Oh, listen to them

The children of the night What sweet music they make" [From Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (1897)]


Minions are the main aspect of the mod. You can use them to defend yourself or to attack mobs. Also, assuming they have a spider torso, you can saddle them like a pig, and like a pig, you can control them using a 'Brain on a Stick'. In the future you'll be able to give them advanced commands based on their bodyparts. A minion with ender arms for example could carry items between containers or even build structures.


To spawn a minion, you need a couple of things. First of all, you need a Summoning Altar, and body parts.

The Summoning Altar may be crafted by placing two cobblestone in the world and then placing a plank so that they form a row. Right clicking the plank  with a Necronomicon will create a Summoning Altar.

Body parts are crafted with the Sewing Machine. To craft a body part, you need to supply it with bone needles, string and the right recipe to craft. The string and Bone Needle will be consumed, as well as the items from the recipe.

When you have crafted yourself a Summoning Altar and some body parts, you're set to spawn your first minion. When you right-click the Summoning Altar you will notice a couple of slots. You have to put souls in the far right slot and blood in the far left slot. The body parts go in the middle slots. As you place body parts, a minion will appear on the Summoning Altar. You can use this as a preview of your minion. When you are happy with your minion, SHIFT + right click the wooden part of the Summoning Altar to spawn the minion. If you haven't supplied the Summoning Altar with a soul, blood, head or torso you won't be able to spawn the minion.

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